About us

​Our aim...

To unite youths regardless of race, religion and socioeconomic standings to create a peaceful and sustainable future generation (aka Alpha Generation). In much simpler words ; uniting youth through charity.

How do we unite?

We invite all youths for their involvement and co-operation in this movement for a more united Malaysia. We organize and carry out charity works with the community focusing more on underprivileged groups such as the old folks to the down syndrome kids; you name it! We encourage youth to be active by organizing fun creative events involving charity and also participating in other events! We need to spread the idea out that the more we give, the richer we are and what more is better than uniting a community through charity.


What is Alpha Generation?
Alpha Generation is the generation of kids who grew up with technology. Basically, if you were born in the late 1990's, you're an Alpha generation. Doesn't matter - as long as you are young in heart!

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Kelab Belia Alpha Petra Jaya

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